Catch and Shoot: KG Should Say Hello Brooklyn

Kevin Garnett is one mean dude, but he plays hard and demands excellence from himself and his teammates. Which is why he’s perfect for the Brooklyn Nets, a team who will struggle for its identity in the Big Apple despite its thuga-a-luscious new logo that will set new sales records for NBA clothing in NYC.

KG is hoping to lead the Boston Celtics past the 76ers in the Eastern Conference semis, and is likely playing his last season in the green and white. Even old and dirty and mean, he’s going to be a commodity this offseason.

Let’s face it, even when the Nets had their moments of relevance, only hardcore Nets fans (all five of them) actually give a crap about the team itself. Like the guy that made this video:

Signing Garnett to be the building block to build a foundation in Brooklyn isn’t only a smart move, it may be one of the few instant gratification moves that the franchise can make to introduce itself to the boro of Kings. It’s going to takes lot more to make the team relevant, but Melo and the Knicks aren’t winning anything anytime soon.

I mean, really, who gives you your money’s worth at the end of the day, Melo and LaLa or KG and the OBF?